Points of Light

Points of Light is my first collection (a long-life dream of mine), and I knew that there were 2 things I really wanted to feature in it - sparkle and colour. Because, let’s be honest, we all need a bit of both in our lives.


amie, nom féminin
Personne avec qui on est lié d'amitié, d'affection réciproque.

And so amie by Jamie Paige was born - a jewelry brand designed having all my BFFs in mind (you), and aiming to find the perfect balance between playful edginess and classic wearability. The amie by Jamie Paige pieces are meant to grab your attention, make your eyes sparkle and be that perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Amie is that one BFF who will always hype you up and make you feel like a certified classy-badass.

Jamie Paige is a YouTuber and content creator from Montreal, Canada. “I knew that I wanted to create a line that reflected my personal style. But more importantly, I wanted to create pieces that felt amazing to wear. To me, jewelry has always been the equivalent to putting on a bright red lipstick”.